Absolute Fretboard Mastery Lessons by Steve Stine

Janice Appelson January 9, 2014 0

What’s the absolute fretboard mastery behind Steve Stine’s lessons? – I know many people have been wondering how to play the guitar like this guitarist and reach that final goal of becoming a fretboard master. If you wondered what absolute fretboard mastery is, Steve explains that it’s the final goal for many players in the knowledge they want to acquire. This has been given as his personal explanation taken from many years in the guitar teaching. All the students who tend to circle around this knowledge learn many different theories and forget them as the time passes. This mastery is hidden exactly there, in these techniques that guitarists must relearn over again.

Steve Stine starts his own course for teaching you all the basic moves and techniques in order to become a better guitar player. His major goal, that he wants to accomplish with this course is to introduce all those possible concepts and reach the end by making you improvise across the whole fretboard confidently and comfortably. According to him, this knowledge will be brought down to 3 categories for you to understand them better and know from where to start. The first category is your knowledge of guitar’s fretboard; the second is the fretboard phrasing and last is the technical ability of the guitar player.

Absolute Fretboard Mastery

He will start his lessons with some basic ideas which you will probably know. While he continues with these series he will introduce you to more advanced techniques which will come together with the easy ones and make you understand the sound of absolute fretboard mastery. When you reach this point you will feel refreshed and you won’t have even a slightest drop of hesitation and doubt for navigating through your instrument.

He gave an example with the scales. When every guitar player is learning how to play the scales they want to do it on the easier way, one-dimensional way. If this player learns to play the whole scale only in one position and then try to move up through the fretboard, without any additional mastery, he will only play the second position on the simplest way. When he goes through these lessons and learns the absolute fretboard mastery, he will connect all those positions and play the fretboard as a whole. These lessons by Steve Stine should help you learn everything you need about this mastery and make you sound better.

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