Review: Gibson Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying V

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The Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying by Gibson has been created for the Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse co-creator, Brendon Small. This guitar represents everything you have been searching for. Starting with that great look and ending with the amazing tone and finish. The guitar features amazing classic rock sound that will bring you back when the rock had different style and taste. The feature that will notice at first sight is the great fingerboard covered fully with white color. Let’s see what does the Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying has to offer us.


This guitar has that original look like the Flying V guitar. This is one of the greatest designs ever seen on an electric guitar that hit the stage. Its body is made of mahogany and time-tested tonewood which is known in the world by its sustainability and resonance. The neck is made of sawn mahogany for getting that great strength and it’s carved in the slim, fast profile that all guitar virtuosos prefer. Its fingerboard has been created from fully white polymer that has been laminated to baked maple. Its white glossy finish adds to complete the unique style.

Pickups and Electronics

The BurstBucker 1 placed in the neck and BurstBucker 2 located in the bridge has transformed the Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying into full glory of all masses. The results you will have the opportunity to hear are rich, thick and throaty sound up in the neck and plenty of wail and crunch down at the bridge. The perfect combination. Both of them are directly wired with the tone and volume control.

Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying


You don’t need to have any additional concern about the durability of this guitar if you maintain it like you should. The headstock is feature from high-quality kidney GroverTM tuners while the Tune-o-matic and stopbar tailpiece are locked all down for getting that extra sustain at the end of the body. The dual speed knobs, truss-rod cover, switch tip, white pickup rings and white bobbin pickups all include plastic material in them.

Cases and Extras

Buying the Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying comes equipped with Gibson USA case with the Gibson logo. In the case you will find adjustment literature and manual for the guitar. You will gain with Gibson’s limited lifetime warranty and additional customer service that is available for you 24/7.


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