Review: Route 66 Modern Guitar

Jasmina Lozevska December 18, 2013 0

This time we prepared something different and something that you will want to buy as soon as possible, we present to you – the Route 66 Modern Guitar. This masterpiece has been made by Monoprice Guitars and you will see so many similarities in this guitar that you have noticed somewhere else. Monoprice has found the perfect way for offering great sound, feel and look that started offering this guitar for less than $150. Yes, you got that right. You can get a great guitar that feels and looks like all other expensive guitar brands and offers a remarkable sound.

This guitar has 22 frets on its maple neck that features a rosewood fretboard. The structure of the body is just like an ordinary guitar that you have been used to playing so far. It has carved-top body that is basewood equipped with 2 humbuckers, separate tone and volume knobs for the pickups, 3-way toggle switch and chrome hardware. Those who have seen it and started playing on it, claim that it is love at first sight.

route 66

You can choose your own finish options from the variations which are offered. You can choose from Honey Burst, Black, Honey, Gold and Vintage Sunburst. My personal favorite finish is the Vintage Sunburst because it brings me all the way back to my oldest guitar that had the same finish. Additional accessories that you will get alongside this guitar include a truss rod wrench, gig bag and special certificate of inspection. Every Route 66 guitar which ships out of Monoprice is inspected by Roger Gresco, in-house luthier, in southern Calif.

The guitar is ready to go for a ride right when you get it out of the box. You won’t notice any sharp edges on the fret or experience a string buzz. It comes equipped with Monoprice steel strings and the neck is very slim and easy to play.

If we take a look of the overall performance of this guitar, we can say that it feels really well balanced. We’ve managed to notice a peek deep inside in the cavity of the electronics which enables you more room for mods. The stock electronics will please you and meet your criteria that you have for a guitar. The bridge can scream without any difficulties and will get used to that different knob arrangement.

Buying this guitar will make a great addition to your collection.


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